Roque Carbajo


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Extract of the chapter 4

01-Sight reading. 02-Supplementary sight reading. 03-Polyphonic sight reading

01-The texts are written in the tonalities of the scales approached in the previous workbooks Begineer Level 1, Begineer Level 2 and in this one. The sight reading is practised in 2nd position (closed strings).

02-The following exercices are intended to prepare the sight reading in view to the next workbook Intermediate level 2 (in preparation), in wich the value of sixteenth note and his respective rest will be studied.

These exercices are proposed in the keys of the scales of the previous levels Begineer level 1, Begineer level 2.

03-The polyphonic sight reading is based on 2 parts and more, that develop simultaneously. It is a complementary and preparatory sight reading for the next workbook.