Roque Carbajo


(22 romances dedicated to the woman)

Level: intermediate-advanced

"Femina" is a tribute to woman; the mother, the wife, the labouror and the militant, to so many women without whom life would not be.

This tribute constitutes 22 brief romances; musical poems bearing names of flowers and among which the character and the dynamic represent different feminine moods on a daily bases.

I thank the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec for supporting the realization of these musical moments.

• NOTE :It is possible to listen the audio extracts and to purchase every romance individually (including the score in tablature and standard notation), by clicking each of the titles:

01-Muguet 02-Glaïeul 03-Mimosa

04-Magnolia 05-Oeillet 06-Anémone

07-Hortensia 08-Pensée

09-Oiseau du paradis 10-Chrysanthème

11-Onagre 12-Amarante 13-Campanule

14-Capucine 15-Giroflée 16-Passiflore

17-Gazania 18-Lys 19-Marguerite

20-Fuschia 21-Lavande 22-Dahlia

Included in the download

  • 22 scores in format PDF (only in standard notation)
  • 22 MP3 files

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