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Roque Carbajo

I started teaching music after a 30 year career as a performing musician and noticed how important it is for a teacher to aquire a musical maturity beforehand. The "tricks of the trade" related to the instrument like reactions aquired by the musician when playing live stage performance are not included in guitar methods.

Another essential aspect to teaching, is the need for a broad cultural knowledge of both classical and traditional music in it's various styles (blues, jazz, popular...) in order to understand the specific characteristics related to the melodic, rhythmic and harmonic forms enabling the teacher to transmit them accordingly to students. Of course, there are several types of students (children, teenagers, adults - beginner, intermediate, advanced) so the teacher should have good teaching skills in order to render the material in a comprehensive way. Musical material, instrumental or theoretical, must be taught to create a positive bond between music and learning while establishing a good relationship with the student. Subsequently, knowing more about his pupil, the teacher will find the "ways and means" to create a personalized learning environment.

I prefer a "master/disciple" relationship rather then a "teacher/student" rapport, knowing that music is beyond boundaries. This type of relationship is led to become an inclusive music learning method which incorporate's philosophical and psychological discussions about life itself and create's stronger human ties.