Roque Carbajo


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Guitar and I

Roque Carbajo

The guitar is a powerful instrument with it's 6 strings and 3 and a half octaves, making it possible to adapt pieces written originally for instruments such as the piano, harpsichord and others. The guitar is a versatile instrument that can be used as accompanist and soloist. It can also adapt to all styles of music.

During my career as a guitarist, I had the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the instrument.

In my childhood, by playing mexican and latin american traditional and folk music, I acquired a right hand dexterity to render different effects such as the rasgueo, aguzado and many others related to mexican rhythms (son jarocho, son jaliciense, son huasteco...) and south american (chacarera, polka paraguaya, huayno, joropo...).

In my teens, I was attracted to jazz harmony and later discovered brazilian popular music and jazz.

Also, I approached the technical and classical repertoire. This learning helped me to develop important aspects of the instrument such as tone, dynamics and clarity of execution.

I'm a guitarist without a label, considered universal, incataloguable and hybrid.